Mood Prep 101 answers the question most parents and educators have, "What can we do?" - when it comes to teens who may be vulnerable to depression or anxiety.

Dr. Vincent Schwartz, MD, former CMO of the Jed Foundation and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine, wrote, "Dr. Landau has seamlessly woven together basic psychodynamic knowledge regarding teen development, modern psychological research, traditional and modern approaches to therapy, extensive clinical wisdom and guidance, much practical advice to parents and extensive resources-all in a very clear and accessible fashion. This volume will be a great resource for parents for years to come."

The book has been featured online at Book Q and A with Deborah Kalb,, “Depression: 5 Steps Parents Can Take to Help Their Teen’s Mental Health” and in a video at Your Teen Magazine, “Learning How to Manage Uncertainty.” See video below.